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Direct Payments


Personal Budgets, including Direct Payments, are a way of giving you more control over the way your care needs are met.

Who is the service for?

Disabled children and adults, older people, people with mental health support needs, people with complex healthcare needs, children and young people with special educational needs; carers who are in receipt of a direct payment from Lambeth social services, a personal budget from Lambeth SEN or a personal health budget from Lambeth CCG; as well as people who self-fund their care and support.

What does the service do?

Provides support around all aspects of personal care (including agreeing money management options, recruitment of staff, managing employer responsibilities and monitoring); organises a monthly peer support group for direct payments recipients, as well as training for employers and PAs; provides information on direct payments and personal budgets to enable people to decide if this is the right way for them to organise their care and support.

How do you receive referrals?

Over the phone via email or from Social Services or the NHS.

What happens after the referral?

A member of the team will get in touch with you as soon as they can.

Contact details:

Phone: 020 7501 8960